Tuesday, April 8, 2014


Hi everyone,

I want to share some exciting news with you all. I have moved to a new blog! I decided that I wanted a change and I also wanted something that was a bit more professional looking. My goal with this new site is to:

  1. Post more often
  2. Write more often
  3. Share my love of fashion
I've been slacking with this blog lately and I really want to get back into posting multiple times a week. I hope that you all will come along for the ride!

The new site is http://onceuponastiletto.com/! There is only one post yet, but I hope to add more very soon! 

Much Love,


Saturday, March 22, 2014


Sometimes I wish I was edgier so I could pull off Rihanna-esque outfits. I want to have the whole Cara Delevingne thing going on, where I can walk out wearing absolutely anything and still look incredibly fashionable. Deep down, I feel like that's who I am. An edgy girl who wants to live in big white T-shirts, skinny jeans, flannels and combat boots. I mean, black is my favorite color (not like that even matters). While I do give into my inner grunge goddess occasionally, I feel as though I'm not really pulling it off. I feel that I look too sweet and innocent to really have the bad ass effect I'm going for.

Today I went for the edgy grunge look and absolutely loved what I was wearing! But I wore it into Georgetown to get cupcakes...I know, that screams bad ass doesn't it? This outfit is so me, though many may not believe me. I'd like to think I was able to pull the look off, but I guess my fellow fashionistas will have to decide.